What is the FARSÁLI FAM Loyalty Program?
The FARSÁLI FAM Loyalty Program was created as a way to say thank you for supporting and loving us! When you’re a part of this program you are able to earn Love Points for: each dollar spent, following us on social media, friend and family referrals, and extra points for your birthday! 

Who is eligible for the Loyalty Program and how do I sign up?
Everyone is eligible for our FARSÁLI FAM Loyalty Program - it was made for YOU! If you are interested, please sign up, simply by creating an account with FARSÁLI . We will automatically enroll you into our FARSÁLI FAM program, and grant you 10 Love Points to start.

Do my Love Points expire?
No! Your Love Points will never expire. 

Are my free gifts refundable or exchangeable?
No, all free gifts are not valid for returns or exchanges. 

Do my FARSÁLI FAM discount codes expire?
No your discount codes for free products, free shipping or money off your order will not expire. 

Can I earn Love Points by purchasing FARSÁLI products from a retailer?
No, only purchases from farsali.com qualify for FARSÁLI FAM Love Points. 

I referred a friend, but did not receive my reward, why?
Your friend must make a purchase on farsali.com in order for you to receive your reward. 

Is the FARSÁLI FAM Loyalty Program available to customers outside the US?
At this time the FARSÁLI FAM Loyalty Program is only available to customers located in the US.